Target Blu Eye 2 – Vehicle Alert System


Target Blu Eye 2

We all at some time or the other may have experienced the following situation: you are held at a traffic light, listening to the radio and all of a sudden there is an ambulance with sounding siren and flashing lights behind you. You panic and try to find a way to make space and let it pass as soon as possible.
Would it not be much better and specifically much safer if a warning could appear inside your vehicle long before the arrival of the emergency service vehicle? Target Blu Eye 2 is such a warning device.

If you would like this professionally Installing please let us know and we can do this for an additional cost.
Please call 01159 599 995 for more information.



Target Blueye 2 – LCD SCREEN

More info to follow:

  • Blu Eye 2 comes standard with the following components:
  • Receiver
  • All necessary cables
  • VCD dipole antenna
  • Display: either a LED mirror display or an LCD display can be selected

Blu Eye 2 with LED mirror display : £1.299 (£1.082,50 excluding VAT)
Blu Eye 2 with LCD display: £1.369 (£1.140,83 excluding VAT)