Aguri DX4000 Drive Assist GPS Dash Cam, Speed Trap Detector & Speed Limit Alert System

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Protect your licence and your no claims bonus with FREE speed trap updates for life.

NEW! The ultimate GPS, radar, laser speed trap detector with built-in high definition dash cam and wireless updates via your Android Smart Phone or iPhone. DX4000 comes preloaded with our latest speed trap database, so you can use it straight out of the box. Our most advanced GPS speed trap detector with outstanding radar and laser performance plus built-in HD dash cam designed specifically for the UK and Europe. DX4000 will provide advance warning of all types of speed traps plus 1000’s of locations where mobile speed traps and laser guns are commonly used. No subscription charges and no download fees.



Built-In High Definition Dash Camera.

Prove what really happened and protect your licence and your no claims bonus!  Aguri DX4000 Drive Assist dash cam not only incorporates a full HD Dash Cam and GPS speed trap detector, but also includes our unique Drive Assist speed limit alert technology. DX4000 will display the speed limit of every road you drive on and can be set to alert should you ever exceed the speed limit and when you drive from one speed limit zone to another. Not only that, DX4000 Drive Assist boasts an impressive full colour 3.5” LCD with touch screen technology, a 16GB Micro SD card, GPS track recording and a Full HD video recorder. Plus, DX4000 comes with free speed trap and speed limit updates for life with no subscription fees and no download fees!

“If it wasn’t for our dash cam footage, the other driver might not have been held responsible for knocking the cyclist off his bike and injuring him.”

Drive trouble free with smart, false alert protection
Super Long Range radar/laser detection needs the best in false alert protection. DX4000 incorporates our unique smart false alert reduction system designed to substantially reduce the number of false alerts you would normally receive with a standard radar detector. In addition, you can also tailor DX4000 to alert only to the radar Bands you want to receive. Individually switch any radar Band on or off with DX4000’s user selectable radar alerts setting.

Quick and easy to install with no subscription fees and no download charges.

DX4000 is simple to install and can be transferred easily from vehicle to vehicle. DX4000 works straight from the box. Attach to the windscreen with the windscreen bracket provided and it will automatically start looking for speed traps and recording the road ahead as soon as it powers up. Plus, all updates are completely free via our free Smart Phone and iPhone app or via your PC or Mac. With No subscription fees and no download charges.

Ready to go. Simple and easy to mount, plus easily transferable from vehicle to vehicle.

Built-in GPS speed trap detection

Designed to alert to all types of speed traps, including HADECS3, SMART motorway cameras, Yellow Vulture speed traps, Gatso, Truvelo, SPECs average speed cameras, SPEED ON GREEN speed safety cameras plus thousands of locations where mobile speed traps are often located. Comes preloaded with the latest Aguri Speedshield speed trap database, so that you can use straight out of the box.

Visual and audible speed trap alerts
Provides clear visual alerts plus audible alerts of all speed traps
Free speed trap updates

Get regular speed trap database updates free of charge. No subscription charges. No download fees
Super Long Range GPSradar/laser platform sites.

UK & European specification, Super Long Range GPS detection of statit Radar & Laser locations.

Tech specs

  • 2.7” Full colour LCD
  • Super-wide 170 degree lens.
  • Built-in GPS antenna
  • GPS speed trap detection system
  • Visual & audible speed trap alerts
  • Voice alerts
  • Preloaded with the latest Speedshield speed trap database.
  • Free speed trap updates. No subscription fees
  • Automatic accident and event recording
  • Continuous audio and video recording
  • Emergency recording
  • High Definition video recording
  • Built-in GPS tracking
  • Built-in miniature video camera
    *Android Smart Phone or iPhone required to update the DX2000 wirelessly.
  • 3 Axis G-Sensor
  • 24 hour Day and Night modes
  • Vehicle speed
  • 170 degree angle view
  • Sharpness correction
  • Image Resolution 4M Pixels
  • Built-in microphone with audible recording
  • 16GB Micro SD card included
  • Will support up to 32GB Micro SD card
  • Download and view video recorded on your Smart Phone, iPhone, PC or Mac.
  • Super Long Range GPS – Radar Detection Types.
  • Super Long Range Mobile Laser detection sites via GPS.
  • User selectable alerts.
  • User selectable GPS speed trap alerts.
  • User selectable High Risk Zone alerts.
  • User selectable Red Light Camera alerts.
  • Dimensions: 100mm x 53mm x 30mmPlease note that you will require an
  • Update the speed trap database and view video and GPS data recorded on a PC or Mac.